Why SEO ?

circleseoWebsites are usually ranked by search engine algorithms. This is achieved through “spiders” sent to “crawl” your website to look for over 100 different indicators used in determining the value of your website

  • Freshness of content
  • Age of domain
  • Presence of relevant keywords
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Correctly coded pages
  • Back links

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to ensure that what these “spiders” find will be up to par.

Google, Bing and Yahoo have made adjustments to their algorithms so that fresh content is “crawled” soon after publishing so it will be shown in search engine results. For this strategy to be successful, your blog posts need to be clean coded fast loading pages with original content, industry-relevant keywords and no broken links.

Foundational on-page SEO

Foundational on page SEO is done as part of any new website development. This includes proper backend coding (metadata and alt tags) of images and page titles/descriptions written around keywords to optimize search results for specific search terms. As your business grows, these terms may change and therefore the coding will need to be updated.


blogseoWe provide a blogging service in which we collaborate with you to create a Content Schedule surrounding industry specific milestones, events, peaks, etc. You will be required to provide reference materials so that we can write about your industry as though we are part of it.

We write blogs that around keywords chosen to boost SEO rankings for specific search terms. We will work with you to make sure that we have captured your voice and can properly project your brand.

Social Media

socialseoSearch engines use social signals when calculating the authority and relevance of page content. Growing your social media presence is vital.

Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools for this. Networking is important, and social media marketing opens up the channels of communication within your industry as well as with potential or loyal customers. Share their content and they might share yours. Sharing is caring!

A ‘good read’ will create social signals. Establish a loyal following by publishing great content that engages users. Do not be afraid to interact with them. Reply to comments or mentions of your business, respond to both positive and negative reviews, and like/share posts.

Google Plus isn’t as populated, but it’s still valuable. Google loves Google – why wouldn’t it value it’s own social media users? Get a verified account with Google Plus, as it improves your ability to rank well in Google and in Google Maps. This is a big part of social media marketing and SEO efforts for local businesses.

Depending on your industry, Linkedin, Pinterest or Youtube may also be suitable. Your social media profiles double as low-to-no cost advertisements for your website.

ASEO packages

aseopackWSI has developed a new concept that is search engine algorithm update proof. AdaptiveSEO™ (ASEO) refers to web presence optimization rather than search engine optimization. It is not about short term results, it is about consistent results that are achieved through methods like blogging, social media, video optimization, and industry directory submissions. We continue putting out fresh content. Search engines love fresh content. By working on SEO in this way, your search rankings are much more likely to withstand any search engine algorithm changes/updates.

We offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Custom ASEO packages. To learn more, request a discovery meeting with our Edmonton Digital Marketing team.

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