Inbound Marketing


Inbound Marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than having marketers having to go out to get prospects attention. Inbound Marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content…….content that customers want to engage with……

It’s almost to the point where you can forget about trying to reach a prospect under 40 with outbound (TV, Radio, Print) marketing.  Inbound Marketing is different.  Inbound marketing works by earning someone’s attention, rather than “buying” it. 

Inbound Marketing is “permission based”—communication via mediums in which the audience has given you permission to communicate.  Examples:  Email marketing, social media, Blogscribers, webinar attendees.

How does this work?  Marketers provide value by seeking to educate. The goal is to attract more prospects—gain more traffic through Content Marketing (Blogging), email marketing, SEO, PPC and social media. 

Content writing / editing

webwritingFor your website to rank organically in search engines, your pages will need to contain plenty of high-quality content that showcases your targeted keywords without keyword stuffing. In previous years, the idea of fitting as many keywords as possible on a page helped rank sites higher whereas today’s search engine algorithms favour content that is correct and sounds natural. Websites that use the keyword stuffing technique are penalized with poor search rankings.

Without properly written content, your website may not be found for the correct search terms. We provide professionally written content based around keywords provided by you or our own research. We can also edit content that you provide to include keywords and therefore boost your SEO rankings.

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective methods to stay connected with your audience. It provides substantial reach, flexibility and full control of your messaging. A series of emails focused on useful and relevant content can build trust with a prospect and help them be ready to buy.

Our services can help you build a campaign with strategies targeted for each of your customer segments—and can mean the difference between creating a conversation and finding your email in the trash.

Email marketing is a very cost effective way to get specials and promotions to loyal customers.

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